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As Victoria moves out of lockdown it is time that Aspire Lawyers calls time and frees itself from the restrictions of the 6 minute billable unit. From 1 November Aspire takes our next big leap on our journey to always being tomorrows lawyers today. We are ripping up our timesheets, time-based billing and will no longer be a slave to the world of the 6 minute billable unit. For a business that has a 120 year old history, the journey we have taken towards transforming our business to achieve this over the last 12 months has been hard, scary, many sleepless nights but so very bloody rewarding. Our team have been amazingly brave, have had their own internal challenges, questioned why, looked at me and wondered if I have lost it this time, but the tunnel which started out dark and scary is now full of light. Who would have thought, actually sitting down and truly listening to what a client wants is transformative. For them and us. You think you do this, but you never really do until you truly embrace understanding value and are honest with the part we can play in it. You cannot truly understand value in a business with timesheets. You are kidding yourself if you think you can.  

We could not have got to this point without John Chisholm and David Wells, our oracles. You have educated us, kept us on track through the tunnel, kept us accountable (more than once and if I'm honest more than 10 times hahahahaha) but most of all have inspired us. I really do thank you both for giving us the push and inspiration we needed. I know we will make you both proud and I cant wait to truly make our clients worlds better!

Shayne Bedford - Owner and Principal of Aspire Lawyers