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At Aspire lawyers, we're proud to work with a team of 11 women and remain an Aussie firm with true culture, rooted in a diverse and inclusive team of women.

Each team member brings passion and a unique view towards all aspects of Aspire Lawyers making for a fresh perspective to the age-old saying of “teamwork, makes the dream work!”

In our Family Law team, we have our Accredited Family Lawyer Dimi, who leads a dynamic team of lawyers being Katherine, Sarah E and Jess. These 4 women together are such a huge asset to our firm. Not only do they specialize in Family Law but combining knowledge and experience with having compassion and deep understanding for their clients’ sensitive matters and stressful positions, put these women in high demand.

Moving on to our commercial superstars, you will be wowed from the get-go with our Lawyers Sarah D and Nikita. Sarah leads the women in an energetic and enthusiastic vibe combined with easy-to-understand legal advice tailored to your needs. The knowledge and experience these women have will ensure your interaction with them will be top-notch, every time.

We have Sam leading our property and conveyancing team. Sam’s personal approach to her client interactions is mind-blowing. Having a conveyancer with this much skill and continuing to provide an outstanding client experience, is unheard of these days.

Our wills and estates team are jam-packed with 3 amazing, empathetic, and experienced women who take your client experience to the next level. Sarah E leads this team with her unique and refreshing go-getter approach united with her team of outstanding lawyers Amy and Jess, these women are unstoppable. Their understanding and commitment to your overwhelming matters are incomparable to other firms.

Our newly created development team consist of team leader, Jackie and her Robin to her Batman, Hayley. These two women have completely swapped careers to dive into marketing, content and development and have dominated every approach so far. They share knowledge and collaborate on a daily basis which brings an exciting vibe to supporting all of the teams.

What can we say about our financial team? Beyond remarkable is an understatement. Bianca and Tamika provide all teams with unfathomable financial support with a friendly and welcoming approach. With many years of experience and knowledge, this support system is the backbone to our firm.

Our days are filled with going from strength to strength and bouncing strong views and a wealth of knowledge of each other and providing outcomes that prove that female leadership combined with drive, commitment, compassion and experience are in a league of it’s own.

Our team of women pride themselves on being relatable and down to earth and have an understanding approach towards all of our respected clients and putting you first and foremost, which coincides with our values.